Pet Policy

Riverside Crossing Cooperative

Pet Policy —printable version


Riverside Crossing Adult Cottage Cooperative acknowledges pets are an important element in people’s lives and bring intangible benefits to their owners. The Cooperative also acknowledges the right of residents to live in a community without being disadvantaged, made uncomfortable, and/or endangered by pets. Unsupervised pets can be destructive to the environment. This impact can include but is not limited to:

  1. Destruction of members’ garden areas;
  2. Reduction of wild bird population;
  3. Disturbance of wildlife in common, natural, and wetland areas of the community; and
  4. Creating anxiety in other residents.

Pet owners must be physically able to care for their pets, including but not limited to walking/exercising, controlling, gathering pet waste and all other duties involved in pet care.



  1. The following restrictions on pets will apply:
    1. Domestic cats, dogs, small birds, and fish are welcome in the community.
    2. No animal that has attacked a human or domestic animal without provocation will be welcomed into the community or permitted to stay if it already resides in the community.
    3. On initial move-in, a maximum of two dogs OR two cats OR one dog and one cat will be allowed in each private cottage. Through attrition, residents will be limited to one dog and one cat OR two cats. No more than two caged birds are permitted per cottage.
    4. Riverside Crossing has not established a weight limit on pets. The community expects residents will consider what is appropriate for their cottage and the community as a whole.
  2. All cats and dogs must be either spayed or neutered, unless specifically granted an exception by the cooperative.
  3. All pet owners are expected to follow the City of Hamilton Ordinance Title 6 guidelines for licensing and vaccinations.
  4. A copy of pets’ vaccination records will be submitted annually to the main office and attached to the resident’s occupancy agreement.
  5. All pet owners will be required to purchase Renters Insurance policy that includes coverage for pets.
  6. All pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. This includes the outer trails and park areas. Pet waste bags and dispensers are provided within the community. Pet owners have a higher level of responsibility to clean up waste they find from another resident’s pet that was inadvertently missed
  7. Dogs must be leashed when on common property within each neighborhood pocket.
  8. Dogs may be unleashed on outer trails or in the park areas if it can be demonstrated the dog is sufficiently trained to be under control at all times and will not chase or molest other walkers, pets, or wildlife. Owners are responsible for picking up pet waste in these areas.
  9. Dogs may be left unsupervised in the limited rear yard space behind their cottage provided they are not annoying other residents by barking.
  10. No additional fences or outside enclosures may be erected to contain pets, but pet owners have the option of installing an underground invisible fence type restraint within that area. Owners are responsible for cleaning up pet waste from this area daily.
  11. All pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets, ensuring they do not adversely affect other residents.
  12. Due to concerns about the wild bird population, members are strongly encouraged that all cats be kept inside. Cats will not be permitted to wander the neighborhood. As with dogs, it is the owners responsibility to control their pet.
  13. No pets will be allowed inside the Common House.
  14. Any behavior by pets which concerns a resident should first be discussed with the owner. If the problem cannot be resolved directly, an official complaint form can be submitted to the Pet Committee.
  15. Any damage to cottages caused by pets, including but, not limited to, carpets, flooring, trim, doors, cabinets, screens, or any other damage will be the responsibility of the resident and will not be paid out of the “Repairs & Maintenance” or “Long-term Repairs” funds. Upon the sale of the common share and cottage, any repair that has not been completed that was determined to be caused by a resident’s pet will be repaired by the cooperative and deducted from the final sale price of the cottage.

I understand the responsibilities involved in having a pet within the Riverside Crossing Cooperative and agree to follow all rules and regulations concerning pet ownership.

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